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Interview to Mme. Brigitte Pierre from the french fashion boutique

Interview to Mme. Brigitte Pierre from the french fashon boutique

This is the first interview we have made in one of the cowest points of sale in Europe; many boutiques are located at many places around the world, for this occasion, we have travelled to one of the most important countries for fashion world, great fashion designers and prêt-à-porter capital: France.

Here we have, located in the city center of Crest, a southeast town between Valence and Avignon, ATOUT CHARME Boutique opened its doors in 2003 in its premises ,10 Republic Street. It is warmed and sophisticated character surprised us from the beginning; this qualities that are also shared with Mrs. Pierre Brigitte, who we have talked with about our products and the French customers opinions about Cowest jeans.

“Being a friendly, pleasant and patient shop assistant helps our clients and
it also makes the difference between our products and the rest”
explains Mrs. Brigitte indicating that her substitute possesses the same qualities as herself.


What does it mean being a fashion shop assistant for you?

It is a gratefully work, we share opinions at the same time we get along with all our customers looking for some advices every day because they trust in us. Everything without forgetting the shop benefit (laughs)

Are your customers tough about the quality of the product?

Yes of course, French women look carefully the quality, the care and the relation between quality and price above all.

What does Cowest provide to you in a professional and/or personal way?

We are absolutely sure about the clothes we want to offer to the customers: a well-finished product for such an interesting price nobody could refuse it. In a personal way, my workmate and I wear some jeans and other clothes from cowest and we love them!

Why have you chosen Cowest as fashion brand for your store?

We look at fashion made in France, Spain or Europe. Some seasons ago Mr. Levoyet showed us the cowest collection. We were pleasing to its qualities which go absolutely with our boutique.

Why is so important for you to Shell a fashion product made in Spain?

That’s also a value for our shop: shelling only clothes and accessories made in Europe, whose social character is so valorized by our customers.

Which other raisons are also important for you to buy a “made in Spain” fashion product and not from other origin?

Our customers usually search European clothes and they even analyze the labels looking for the added quality. If we think about the Spanish savoir faire for fashion the choice is obvious.




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