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Cowest blog: types of silhouette per body form

Cowest blog: types of silhouette per body form

How can you choose a pair of jeans according to your silhouette?

Many times people has debated about silhouettes which suit perfectly for each body without yielding definite results about how choosing a pair of jeans according to your silhouette; now, Cowest has elaborated a silhouette guide where you can check which one is your best to your body.

It’s been a while Cowest started to define some patterns for each type of woman and her body, and also to elaborate jeans patterns for each silhouette; that’s why actually, coinciding with the shop online opening , we have created a guide defining which silhouette suit the best for each body.


Butterfly pattern: This kind of pattern is for marked waist and proportional hips women’s bodies. Woman with a curved silhouette.

You can find this kind of pattern in skinny and straight jeans; with the advantage that if you choose a pair of straight trousers, the visual effect will disguise your hips.

Bird pattern: This is useful for woman with marked waist and aligned hips, ideal for little hip and little thigh bodies.

Generally women that have past the menopause lose muscular mass in the lower members.

Star pattern: This kind of trousers have medium waist (just under the navel). It follows the bird pattern but the height of the waist is different. This is a younger pattern.

Push up OR Culote pattern: this type of jeans is dedicated for women with pronounced hips and waist searching for lifting gluteus and aligned hips and emphasizing the curve of the body.

You can find both: high and medium waist.

Dolphin pattern: A pattern defined for women with marked hip and waist whose thigh is larger than usual. It’s ideal for women who want to reduce their size.

This display has been elaborated taking advantage to the shop online opening, we want to make easier your clothes decisions or the best jeans for your body, now you have a 20% discount on your first order using the code IN20COWEST, so don’t let it get away! It’s only for your first order.


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If you are a Boutique or multibrand store, please contact us for more information regarding Cowest at your store!

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