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Clothing makers

Do you have a fashion firm or a textile Project and need a clothing maker or provider for your business?

COWEST offers you from the design and manufacturing to the delivery of the merchandise with your own firm: completely custom clothing.

MANUFACTURE-U – Your own clothing Made in Spain.

We tell you everything about our production process:


If you don’t have your own designs or if you prefer custom designs, we can do it for you!


Our Pattern Department is ready to develop casual clothing in every size (especially denim jeans and other denim clothes). The clothes you are looking for in the size you need.

We work with elastic clothes, controlling perfectly the percentage of denim shrinkage.


We manufacture productions of chosen designs and even we may elaborate a sample to check in advance that it is exactly what you need.

*Minimum quantities are required for these customized projects elaboration.


Clothes Designed and Manufactured in Spain by #RealPeople

All our clothes are designed and manufactured in Spain by local workforce and finished with care and love for our clients.


Do you need a manufacturer for your textile Project?

For further information, please contact us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]