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“What I should wear today” It is says the denim jacket

“What I should wear today” It is says the denim jacket

Should I have to talk about the denim jacket? I don’t have words enough for this basic of my cupboard. I have already five and I claim there aren’t enough, each season there are some climatological moments when the weather isn’t stable and people pass their time saying “I don’t know what I should wear today”. Here you have the best solution: take your denim jacket! Lift the collar, roll up the cuffs and it will be the joker for your looks!

Denim weave has the talent to match well with almost everything; it’s the best friend of many clothes for your looks. Some people doesn’t bet on the denim jacket because they’re afraid that they don’t know how to use a total denim look but I claim it’s forever and ever a safe bet. What a strange idea thinking about denim was a job weave. Look how it goes a long way!

Another advantage of this garment is the versatility to give you a different look depending on the combination; you can become whoever you want…

A city sailor, casual looks are more stylish if you match them with red, the trick consists in wearing denim clothes and add some red marks with accessories. You can match them in many different ways but red, white and denim always make a good impression.


Maybe some mornings you feel better like more masculine, It is so fashionable nowadays “woodcutter look”; Get this perfect look mixing with a striped shirt and warm boots. An oversize denim jacket over your tight jumper is a point in favour, other way to profit a garment on the coldest days. Who says denim wasn’t made for the winter season?


And my favourite look must have for this winter is the oversize denim jacket, without any doubt, it´s your “father’s jacket” just like that, You can choose one quite large and use it as denim jacket over your warm pullovers, the material mix is great for Winter, in combination with any colour and adding more volume on the top than on the bottom, skinny pants and trainers, ready for these cold months!


In my opinion, I don’t have to keep going more. A denim jacket last forever, one, two, three…even more, I inform you once you try, you repeat, because match it is so easy you think and you won’t be able to stop: you can get it smarter with a shirt, chic with a short skirt…the combinations are infinites and it’s a timeless item. I recommend buying a plain and dark one because bit a bit the colour will change and it’s like having two clothes in only one.

What is your favourite denim jacket and the look?

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